Game Modes

World Tour

In World Tour, you can challenge golfers around the world in 1 vs 1 matches.
You gain Tour Points by winning World Tour matches, which will let you enter higher Tier tours and also give you various rewards in the form of Career Bonuses.
Accumulating the maximum number of Tour Points from each World Tour course will reward you a trophy and some Gems. Collect specific trophy sets to receive additional Gem rewards!
In addition, you can sign a contract with a sponsor before starting a World Tour match. When you enter a match with an active sponsor contract, you can receive additional rewards depending on how you played. Complete the match, win the match, and clear the randomly assigned sponsor mission to receive all 3 rewards!
New sponsors appear as you advance in World Tour and collect more fans.

Course Challenges

You can attempt to clear Course Challenge missions on the tours you have completed in the World Tour mode.
Successfully completing Course Challenge missions for the first time will reward you Gems.
Also, you can earn bonus Gems when your golf ball touches the giant Gem objects on the field while attempting Course Challenge missions (these can also only be acquired once).


From drives to putts, everything you need to know about golf is here!
Learn not only the basics of the game, but also advanced techniques by completing various missions. Some challenges may seem impossible at first look, but there are always ways to overcome them.
Completing a mission for the first time will also reward you Character and Item Gacha Tickets.


Compete against 2~3 other players at the same time!
In Extreme, all participants will advance towards the hole cup in real time, instead of taking turns.
While the winner is decided based on their score, ties in Extreme are broken by how long it took each player to hole out. Aim to get the best score possible in the shortest time!
Only the 1st place player gets to come out with Gold rewards, but lower place players will still be able to receive EXP Drinks as consolation.
You can choose how many balls to use (1, 5, 20, 40) when entering an Extreme match. If you are confident in your skills, please try the higher cost matches to save time!

Screen Practice Room

In the Screen Practice Room, you can place a Rare or higher rarity character to one of the 8 rooms.
120 minutes after a character is placed into a room, you will be able to collect rewards depending on the rarity and ★ of the character.
Each room requires a different type of character, and can only be used once a day. Only one practice room can be active at the same time.
To use a practice room, you must consume Practice Room Tickets, which can be earned by spending balls in Extreme Mode (up to a daily maximum of 8 tickets).