Gold can be swapped for BIRDIE Tokens.
Swapping Gold for BIRDIE Tokens takes 24 hours to complete.
After a swap is completed, you cannot perform another swap until 60 more hours elapses (total of 84 hours from the beginning of a swap).
A minimum of 20,000 Gold to a maximum of 400,000 Gold can be swapped for BIRDIE Tokens in one exchange.
5% fee is applied when swapping Gold for BIRDIE Tokens in order to support the platform’s operations.
Other uses for Gold are:
  • Purchasing Balls
  • Purchasing items required for character growth, such as EXP Drinks
  • Obtaining equipment items from the Item Gacha
  • Upgrading equipment items (also requires additional equipment items as upgrade ingredients)
  • Upgrading a character (also requires Character Pieces)