BORA 2.0

3.1 Strong Connection with Klaytn

BORA 2.0 can, through its connection with the public chain Klaytn, form various Eco-product. Furthermore, BORA’s assets could be of a reasonable value even in Klaytn.
As set out in the above Section 2.1, the BORA Economy already has the basic format of Eco-products such as Wallet, NFT, DEX, etc. However, these products would need to be re-developed or modified to suit the needs of the current users and be compatible with the development direction planned in the future.
These products that have been developed internally by the BORA Team for BORA 1.0 can be developed with various partners active on Klaytn from BORA 2.0 onwards.
The modified Wallet to be released in early 2Q of 2022 will initially be developed by the BORA Team based on Metamask. The Wallet to be further updated and developed will be released in 2Q of 2022 in collaboration with KrossLab, which conducts various research and development of Wallet based on Klaytn. Around the same time, the NFT Generating, NFT Trading, NFT Market to be modified and released alongside the Wallet will initially be developed by the BORA Team, but we will collaborate with a special NFT tech partner that has various experience with NFT Liquidity such as NFT deposit and loans, to expand further from just holding NFT. The DEX would be formed through continuous joint development with Claimswap and will be provided in the form of AMM and not Orderbook and aim to continually be updated. Lastly, we have plans for DeFi functions by jointly collaborating with Birk O’Sully, who has experience with many projects based on Klaytn.
In the future, BORA 2.0 will develop the ecosystem so that the projects can receive effective support from the participation in the BORA ecosystem, not only through the Eco-products as described above but also through interactions between BORA Team’s research and development and various partners on Klaytn.
We also have plans, in collaboration with various partner companies, to form the LaunchPad where the Onboarding Projects can smoothly secure the User Pool not only through AirDrop or NFT Airdrop but also support via functions with DeFi features such as KlayStarter; the PDAM (Personal Digital Asset Management) that allows Holders to easily manage their assets which are in BORA; Guild DAO which facilitates the management of the guild assets which are optimised for GameFi and allows the generation of rewards through these assets; FanToken Service that supports the management of various assets and activities based on Fandom.
The various Eco-Products set out above will be created with various partner companies with BORA Team in focus. The BORA Team will allocate the most resources onto and develop the BAS (BORA API Service) so that a diverse range of developed services can be onboarded onto the BORA Economy. In the end, the projects being able to use BORA easily and efficiently is the start of BORA’s value maximisation.
Further, BORA 2.0 intends to establish an environment where, based on the connection with Klaytn as explained above, there will be a fluid mutual exchange of Klaytn and BORA’s assets. This is based on the expectation that this ease in movement will not only maximise the value of BORA but also of the assets based on Klaytn. To achieve this, we plan to undertake the development and operation of various Bridges with the Krust Universe’s Klaytn development team.