BORA 2.0

3.4 Eco Fund and Community

We intend to form an Eco Fund so that we can discover good projects early and we can continually develop these projects so that various participants can expand the BORA ecosystem together for BORA 2.0. The BORC Eco Fund will be formed with the BORA Funding Network, which will include not only the BORA Network but also various Crypto Funds or Equity Fund Management Companies worldwide. Through this Fund, investment into Crypto Projects or NFT Projects that are based on contents, games, and entertainment would be carried, and we intend to strengthen working relations so that the key projects can onboard BORA.
Further, we need active communication with various user communities as well as developer communities for the development of the BORA ecosystem. User communities will be a place for active interaction and exchange of information among users while serving an important role in debunking myths or rumours and validating accurate news. As such, BORA 2.0 plans to create new Telegram and Discord channels and strengthen existing ones, run by a group of designated community managers, and offer an official route for active communication for BORA supporters. It is critical to have such a community also for developers. For BORA to advance technologically and for projects to autonomously develop, then many development groups would need to accurately understand BORA and autonomously want to promote the development of the BORA ecosystem and growth of the project. To achieve this goal, we will create a forum dedicated to developers and assign a community manager group for communication.