BORA 2.0

4.2 BORA Governance Council Structure

BORA GC will consist of a total of 4 committees under the Chairpartner, and each committee will consist of a committee head and committee members. Chairpartner of BORA GC is the representative of BORA GC. Chairpartner has the right to designate each committee’s head. Similarly, the committee heads will discuss with each other to allocate the rest of the partners of BORA GC.
In order to establish a foothold for early stabilization and growth following the introduction of the BORA 2.0 Governance system, the first Chairpartner will be METABORA. The successor Chairpartner will be elected from the BORA GC and the election will be held at the general assembly regular meeting six months before the expiration of the predecessor's term of office. The BORA GC Partner who obtains a majority of votes from the BORA GC Partners who are present at the meeting will be elected as the successor.
Also, the detailed explanation of each committee is categorized as below.
  • Token Economy Committee: This committee supports the sustainable growth of the BORA Platform by effectively configuring BORA's Token Economy. This committee also works to build healthy dynamics between BORA tokens and the individual game tokens that will be onboarded on top of them.
  • Contents Committee: This committee supports the onboarding and growth of high-quality content on BORA Platform by providing guidance and evaluation of the content to be onboarded within the BORA Platform. This committee will also focus on providing high-quality content by itself.
  • Technology Committee: This committee supports the stable provision of the BORA Platform's blockchain and server infrastructure and the improvement of the ecosystem participants' user experience. This committee will also be involved in the major development of BORA platform led by BORANETWORK.
  • Marketing Committee: This committee supports the qualitative and quantitative growth of the BORA community, one of the main members of the BORA Platform, and the consumption of onboarding content. This committee will also be involved in and discuss BORA brand marketing with BORANETWORK.