BORA 2.0

4.3 Rights and Obligations of BORA GC Partners

BORA GC partners will be given an appropriate amount of compensation for participating in BORA GC. BORA GC partners will receive BORA as block rewards for BORA blockchain node operation for the duration of maintaining a BORA GC Partner status.
In return for the compensation above, BORA GC partners has the responsibility. BORA GC partners should secure a certain amount of BORA and staking for BORA blockchain node operation BORA GC Partners must establish and operate a system with the specifications required for BORA blockchain node operation and performing stable block generation under this environment
Penalties are imposed in the event of negligence caused by carelessness or intentional deception or harming BORA platform and ecosystem participants without faithfully fulfilling their obligations as BORA GC Partners, to encourage BORA GC Partners to comply with individual obligations.
Additional detailed information regarding the rights and obligations of BORA GC Partners will be defined and shared separately in Constitutional Documents of BORA GC.