BORA 2.0

4.5 Constitutional Documents update

Constitutional documents are documents that define the basic operating policies of BORA GC. This document is the basis for effective decision-making among BORA GC Partners in various situations that may be encountered during the operation of the BORA Platform.
The structure and content of the document should be dynamically modifiable depending on the changing environment, as some provisions may increase distortion with reality. The relevant process to change or update the document are as follows.
In the case of amendments, all Partners of the BORA GC can propose an agenda, and the proposal must be submitted directly to the Chairpartner. Based on the agenda, the Chairpartner and committee head go through a process of prior deliberation and consensus. If all the committee heads and Chairpartner agree on the relevant agenda through the process, it will be formally proposed as the agenda for regular/ad hoc meetings. The voting procedure will be applied, and if approved, the Chairpartner leads and reflects the update in Constitutional Documents.