BORA 2.0

5.1 Reasons for New Tokenomics

With the set goal of resolving existing challenges and fulfill the newly established growth roadmap, BORA Team is set to implement BORA Tokenomics 2.0. The direction or growth based on the main features of BORA 2.0 described above and the set goals are set forth.
  • Issuance of service tokens and NFTs of various entities, strengthening the circulation environment, smooth management of providing liquidity.
  • New ecosystem participants, implementation of GC regime.
  • Implementation of an ecosystem restoration policy for participants.
  • Ensuring sustainability of the token economy within the ecosystem.
  • Forming Eco Fund, aggressive investment, and building an active community for the growth and development of the ecosystem.
BORA 2.0 initially issued following the direction set above and token structure is as follows.
Raising of additional finances, establishing plans for redistribution and new use of tokens, and a mechanism for managing token supply are essential for completing the aforementioned structure and meet the mid-to-long term goals. As a new token economy is necessary, with a current total supply of 1,205,750,000 BORAs, excluding the permanent locked up portion, BORA 2.0 is to implement an inflation schedule, a permanent lock-up model for fees, and devise a new token distribution policy and usage plan