BORA 2.0

5.3 Permanent Token Lock-up

For ecosystem restoration and a sustainable token economy, BORA 2.0 implements an automated permanent lock-up mechanism of BORA tokens. A portion of all fees from token transactions and distribution on BORA Platform will automatically be taken and permanently locked.
All BORA service fees and their permanent lock-up rate were decided at the 1st GC General Meeting held on April 8, 2022, as stated above. The serves fees and permanent lock-up ratio defined at the General Meeting is as follows.
Considering the defined fees and permanent lock-up rate, the actual volume of permanently locked currency is estimated to be in the 1.5–2.0% range in total transaction volume. The fees and permanent lock-up rate for future services will be decided at the GC General Meeting as new services are introduced.
Whenever a new service is released in the future, the fee and permanent lock-up ratio will be determined at the GC General Meeting as it is now.