BORA 2.0

5.4 Token allocation

On BORA 2.0, the incumbent BORA tokens owned by BORANETWORK. Pte., Ltd. and the new tokens generated according to the inflation plan are added and allocated to five distribution pools. Each pool and its portion are represented below.
  • Liquidity: BORA is a blockchain ecosystem where a number of game and entertainment content providers can generate tokens appropriate to their purpose, and the platform provides an environment for the smooth transaction of such tokens to create value. Therefore, the BORA 2.0 platform must play the role of a liquidity provider at an early stage, which is crucial for token generation and distribution. Even after the frequency and volume of token generation and transaction grow bigger, for the ecosystem to grow and scale up, it is required to keep supplying liquidity by allocating a sufficient volume of BORA tokens to the Liquidity Pool. 46% of newly generated tokens will be allotted to this pool and be used for providing liquidity to BORA DEX, providing liquidity needed for GameFi services within the BORA ecosystem, and as a Yield Reserve for the reward pool stability of the BORA Staking Program.
  • Ecosystem: The greater supply of games and content with big diversity and good quality, the more users stay and participate in the BORA ecosystem, and the more vital the token trading, the greater the ecosystem will grow. Such growth and development may be achieved by a gradual expansion from within but may also result from strong external relations such as investments and partnerships between projects or joint game guild DAOs, all of which form a virtuous cycle. For BORA 2.0, the portion allotted to the Ecosystem pool to form the BORA Eco Fund will be dedicated to token-swap investing in named projects. It will also back activities for the growth and development of the BORA ecosystem, including game guild DAO partnerships, the BIP (BORA Improvement Proposals) Program for the development of the BORA platform and Tokenomics, and the buy-back permanent lock-up program for supporting the game token economy.
  • Community: The Community pool will finance various marketing campaigns aiming to strengthen vibrant BORA communities. Approximately 3.3% of the newly generated tokens will be allocated to this pool.
  • Governance Council: This pool is for rewards for node operation and governance activities of BORA’s GC Partners.
  • Reserve: The Reserve of 212,000,000 BORAs formed in BORA1.0 will remain in the Reserve pool in BORA 2.0.