7. Epilogue

The future envisioned by the BORA Team is that the BORA’s participants will fully enjoy Assets that are Digital Assets such as NFT that have been formed based on Entertainment such as Webtoon, Webnovel, Music, Influencer, Star and Game.

For example, the users can obtain a rare item from the Game on BORA and can convert this to NFT. This NFT can be placed in the Vault of the Guild that the relevant user belongs to, and as a reward for this, the user can receive NFTs or interest. Another user can, by using Digital Human Star’s NFT PFP Fantoken, vote on the Star’s performance date and purchase the Fantoken specific NFT. A limited-edition NFT can be used to apply to the NFT Liquidity Service to receive interest, and this interest can be used to accumulate various Digital Assets again.

Just five years ago, the blockchain showed a lot of limitations but is now at the centre of a source technology that is essential to Digital Assets. Now users who enjoy, earn and secure these digital assets would want to increase this to an even larger digital asset. In meeting this market demand, BORA must also strive for a more developed and larger ecosystem through various collaboration and structural changes.

There may be small and large difficulties that may be faced during this process, but BORA would be further developed by the participants of the ecosystem, partner companies, developers and finally, users.

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