5.5 Safety Policy

The BORA Network is structured to keep the BORA tokens safe and secure from external threats. To ensure that these security enhancements do not impact the liquidity of the BORA Ecosystem, transparent policies are implemented to ensure seamless liquidity.

BORA Bridge Smart Contract ('BSC')

Secure Wallet

  • Certain portion of BORA held in the BORA BSC are stored in Secure Wallet to keep users assets safe from external threats. The assets in the Secure Wallet are operated systematically by storing them in offline cold Wallet, disconnected from the internet.

tBORA Total Supply

  • When swapping from BORA to tBORA, BORACHAIN will mint tBORA. Minted tBORA will remain in the same quantity as the BORA held in the BORA BSC and Secure Wallet.

BORA Safety Initiative

  • For the safe storage of BORA tokens, certain portion assets are deposited in the Secure Wallet under the management of the BORA Safety Council.

  • Depending on the stability and liquidity of the service, 50%+ (up to 90%) of the initially deposited BORA in BSC will be safely managed in Secure Wallet. Deposited BORA can be instantly transferred back to BSC upon request by the token owner.

  • In case of sudden changes in liquidity, the rates may be adjusted accordingly, and specific numbers will be notified separately.

Jun.21.2023 Comment;

Safety Policy for BORA 2.0 is released.

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