Exchange for In-game Use (BID -> Gold)

You can check your BID balance and exchange BID for Gold by entering the ‘Exchange’ menu from BIRDIE SHOT’s main lobby screen and switching to the ‘Exchange to Gold’ tab.

[Exchanging BID for Gold]

1) Tap on the BIRDIE SHOT main lobby’s ‘Exchange’ button and switch over to the ‘Exchange to Gold’ tab.

2) Enter the amount of Gold you need. (You can also tap on the ‘MAX’ button to exchange all your BID to Gold)

3) Tap on the ‘Withdraw’ button to be redirected to the BORA Portal.

4) Select the MetaMask / Kaikas wallet connected to BIRDIE SHOT.

5) A new browser window will open, showing the wallet you selected. Tap on the ‘Sign’ button to proceed

6) Tap on the ‘Sign’ button on the next confirmation screen, then tap on the ‘Approve’ button to complete the transaction.

7) After checking the ‘Transaction Complete!’ message, go back to the game’s BID Exchange screen.

8) Tap on the Refresh button (round button with a clockwise arrow) next to your BID balance.

9) You can now use the Gold you acquired to buy various items in the game’s Shop menu, upgrade your characters, receive equipment items from the Item Gacha, etc.

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