Characters & Skills

Character Types

Each of the 8 FRIENDS Characters is responsible for a specific role on the field. For example, Ryan is responsible for drives and Neo is in charge of putts.

When playing a match in BIRDIE SHOT, you will be using a team of 8 different characters. You can change your team composition in the โ€˜My Teamโ€™ menu.

Leveling Up and Upgrading Characters

Each character can be strengthened by being Leveled Up or Upgraded.

Level up a character by spending EXP Drink items to raise their overall stats.

Leveling up a variety of characters will give you additional stat bonuses and Gem rewards through the Collection system!

Upgrade (Grade Up) a character by spending Gold and Character Pieces. The upgrade status of a character is shown through the number of โ˜… on that character.

The effect of upgrading is as shown below:

  • 2โ˜… - Gain 1 skill slot

  • 3โ˜… - Overall stat boost

  • 4โ˜… - Gain 1 additional skill slot. Also, all skills become Level 2 skills.

  • 5โ˜… - Overall stat boost

  • 6โ˜… - Gain 1 additional Skill Slot. Also, all skills become Level 3 skills.


Characters that are upgraded to 2โ˜… or above are able to equip skills. Additional skill slots are unlocked upon reaching 4โ˜… and 6โ˜….

You can change an equipped skill by spending Skill Ticket items or Gold. The resulting skill is decided by chance, so test your luck if you believe your characters need an additional power-up (Some skills are easier to get than others, and the โ€˜Perfect Ball Guideโ€™ skill can only be found on the 3rd skill slot of Epic or higher rarity characters)

It is impossible to equip two identical skills on a single character, so skills equipped on other slots will not appear when attempting to change the skill on one slot.

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