Token Swapping Structure

You can swap the Gold you earned in the game for BIRDIE (BID) Tokens.

BIRDIE Tokens can be exchanged for tBORA, which is a token used within the BORA blockchain.

tBORA can be exchanged for BORA Tokens at a 1:1 ratio, or used in various services provided on the BORA Portal. BORA can be traded on CEX and DEX.

**Additional explanation on the tBORA tokens : In contrast to BORA tokens managed through the KLAYTN Network, tBORA is supervised by the BORA Network and distributed within the BORA PORTAL platform ecosystem.

As a utility token, tBORA is used within the BORA PORTAL platform and can be used to purchase NFTs, participate in DeFi, use services provided by BORA COUNCIL, and perform a SWAP.

Please read the [PLAY-TO-EARN > How to Earn Gold] section for details on how to earn Gold.

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