Character NFT

In order to play BIRDIE SHOT, you must compose a team of 8 different characters.

Each character is assigned one of the 5 ‘rarity’ values (Basic > Rare > Elite > Epic > Legend), ‘Basic’ being the lowest rarity.

‘Epic’ rarity characters can be obtained by using the game’s ‘Character Gacha’ system as well as purchasing them in the form of Character NFTs.

‘Legend’ rarity characters can only be obtained as Character NFTs, with the exception of Goblin Con, which can only be obtained by collecting Goblin Con Pieces from Lucky Boxes.

Character NFTs have high in-game stats which can give you a leg up in matches.

In addition, Epic and Legend characters yield Gold when placed in the Screen Practice Room (please check the ‘Beginner’s Guide > How to Earn’ section for more details).

If you are a holder of Character NFTs, you can access the ‘NFT Roulette’ from the game’s main lobby to receive items every day (each day is considered to begin at 00:00 UTC+0).

The number of times you can use the NFT Roulette depends on the number of Character NFTs you have. The table below shows how many NFT Roulette uses you get each day.

N. of Character NFTs





Roulette uses / day





In addition, Practice Room Tickets are sent to Character NFT holders’ in-game mailbox every day. 1 Ticket is sent per Character NFT up to a maximum of 8 Tickets (Only 8 Tickets are sent per day even if the player holds 9 or more Character NFTs).

Please check the [GAMEPLAY > Game Modes > Screen Practice Room] section for details on how to use Practice Room Tickets.

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