Lucky Box & Lucky Scratch

Lucky Box and Lucky Scratch are supplementary ways to obtain various items and Gold.

You can purchase/open Lucky Boxes by pressing the button on the bottom left of the Gacha screen, and use Lucky Scratch Tickets (if you have 1 or more Tickets) from the in-game mailbox.

[Lucky Box]

Lucky Boxes can opened directly by spending Gold or by using Lucky Box Tickets, which can be obtained as event rewards or Item Bundle purchases.

By opening a Lucky Box, you can receive various items such as Mileage Points, 'Epic' rarity character pieces or equipment, EXP Drinks and Gold. (Valuable items have smaller chances of appearing)

You may be offered to purchase a Limited Offer Lucky Box when you open a regular Lucky Box. If you are lucky, you might find better prizes from these Limited Offer Lucky Boxes (such as 'Legend' rarity Goblin Con Pieces)

[Lucky Scratch]

Lucky Scratch rewards you a set amount of Gold depending on the combination of the 3 images revealed when using a Lucky Scratch Ticket.

The amount of Gold you can receive ranges from 0 Gold to 10,000,000 Gold.

Lucky Scratch Tickets can be obtained from Lucky Boxes and in-game events, and can be used directly from your in-game mailbox.

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