Create a Supported Wallet

In order to earn BIRDIE Tokens in BIRDIE SHOT, you must first connect your crypto wallet address to the game.

BIRDIE SHOT supports Metamask and Face Wallet addresses.

You can create a wallet address by following the instructions shown below.

※These instructions are for mobile devices.

[Creating a MetaMask wallet]

1. Download MetaMask from Google Play

Search ‘MetaMask’ on Google Play or access the link below, then download the app

Download link:

2. Create a MetaMask wallet

If you already have a MetaMask wallet, tap on the Import Wallet button and import your wallet to the current device.

If this is your first time creating a MetaMask wallet, please follow the guide below.

1) Get Started > Create a new wallet > Create Password

(This password is only used when unlocking the MetaMask wallet on the current device)

2) Tap on the grayed-out area to see your Secret Recovery Phrase

(NEVER share your Secret Recovery Phrase with anyone. Please write the phrase down where only you can access. If this recovery phrase is lost, you won’t be able to recover your account.)

3) Tap on the displayed words in the order seen on Step 2 to complete the wallet creation process

4) You completed setting up your MetaMask Wallet!

[Create a Face Wallet]

Face Wallet allows users to create crypto wallets by using a Social Login on the BORA Portal, without having to install a separate wallet application.

1) Tap on the ‘Connect’ button on the BORA Portal website (

2) Choose a Social Login account on the 'Select Wallet' screen (Google, Apple and Facebook accounts are supported).

3) Enter your Social Login information and tap 'Next' to proceed to the next step.

4) Set up a PIN Code (you will need this to log in, so please do not forget the PIN Code you enter)

5) Verify your phone number and set up a SMS OTP.

6) You completed setting up your Face Wallet!

If you already have a Face Wallet, you can follow the steps below to log in with your existing account.

1) Tap on the ‘Connect’ button on the BORA Portal website (

2) Choose the Social Login account you used to create your Face Wallet on the 'Select Wallet' screen.

3) Enter your PIN Code.

4) Tap on the 'Sign' button (you may need to enter your PIN Code once more).

5) You successfully logged to your Face Wallet!

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