How to Get BIRDIE Tokens (BID)

BIRDIE (BID) Tokens can be received by exchanging Gold for them, or by swapping tBORA on the BORA Portal.

[Exchanging Gold for BID]

You can exchange the Gold you earned through Extreme Mode matches and Screen Practice Rooms for BID. You need to have at least 50,000 Gold and have reached Tier 5 in the game’s World Tour Mode to exchange your Gold for BID. Please note Gold -> BID exchanges take 24 hours to complete.

1) Click on the ‘Exchange’ button on the BIRDIE SHOT’s lobby screen.

2) Enter the amount of Gold you wish to exchange for BID.

3) Tap on the ‘Deposit’ button.

4) Tap ‘YES’ on the final confirmation pop-up to start the exchange process. Please not that Gold -> BID exchanges take 24 hours to complete, regardless of the amount of Gold you are exchanging. (This delay is to prevent fraudulent transactions from completing, and may be adjusted in the future)

[Swap tBORA for BIRDIE Tokens]

BID can be purchased with tBORA on the BORA Portal.

BID can then be exchanged for Gold so that you can use them to purchase various items in the game, or upgrade your team.

Please refer to the guide below for instructions on purchasing tBORA. (BORA101 - tBORA Guide)

1) Tap on the ‘Connect Wallet’ button on the BORA Portal( Make sure that the wallet you are connecting to the BORA Portal is the same wallet connected to BIRDIE SHOT.

2) After connecting your wallet, tap on the ‘Asset’ menu to open the Swap page.

3) Click on the token icon shown next to the ‘To’ section and select BID.

4) Enter the amount of tBORA you wish to exchange, then tap on the ‘Swap’ button.

5) Click on the ‘Approve’ button on the Access Contract page to confirm your transaction.

6) You can check the amount of BID you have on the My Assets page.

7) You can also check your BID balance by entering the ‘Exchange’ menu from BIRDIE SHOT’s main lobby screen and switching to the ‘Exchange to Gold’ tab.

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