BIRDIE SHOT’s Play-to-Earn Process

Minting Information


  • Symbol : BID

  • Contract : 0x7769cf946c011bb3a22d20ba6bf7f0bc419c722f


BIRDIE Tokens, which can be swapped from the in-game currency Gold, are utility tokens that can be traded on the blockchain.

The maximum supply of BIRDIE Tokens is limited to 10 billion tokens, out of which only 300 million tokens are initially minted to start up the game’s operations. The rest of the supply is minted on demand as the game’s users request their Gold to be swapped for BIRDIE Tokens. In a similar fashion, BIRDIE Tokens are burned as users request their tokens to be swapped for Gold.

The initial supply of 300 million tokens are used exclusively to provide liquidity for the BORA DEX, to support marketing (such as events, promotions and airdrops) and to reward the Governing Council that manages the nodes that serve as the BORA Network’s infrastructure.

* When an on-demand minting occurs, a 5% fee is applied to support the platform’s operations.

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