Please read the [PLAY-TO-EARN > How to Earn Gold] section for details on Near-pin Mode rewards.

In Near-pin Mode, players attempt to land their ball as close to the hole cup as possible with a single swing in order to win Gold prizes.

Each Near-pin Mode season lasts 3 days, with two seasons opening each week.

Near-pin Mode opening times (UTC+0)

- Monday, 05:00 ~ Wednesday 23:59

- Friday, 05:00 ~ Sunday 23:59

2 free attempts are given each day. Any attempts exceeding this number will consume 5 Balls.

※ Luck will be an important factor in this mode because you will only be able to see the direction of the wind, not how strong it is blowing (the Perfect Ball Guide skill is disabled in Near-pin Mode).

※ Only users who have reached Tier 2 in World Tour Mode can participate in Near-pin Mode.

※ Players who abuse the game system or attempt to gain an unfair advantage through abnormal means such as hack tools and memory alteration will be excluded from the rankings. Final rankings may change due to such players being excluded.

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