In Championship Mode, players attempt 3 consecutive holes and receive rewards according to their score on each hole.

Three difficulty levels are offered, where better rewards are given for playing higher difficulty holes.

Each Championship season lasts 1 week, with 3 free entrance tickets given per difficulty level every Monday 00:00 (UTC+0). Players may use Gold to purchase up to 3 additional tickets each week.


Base Rewards - Score Par or better on each hole to receive EXP Drinks. Receive more Drinks by completing all 3 holes.

Under-par Rewards

- Various rewards are given depending on the total amount of under-par points you achieved during a season (ex. 1 for Birdie, 2 for Eagle). Accumulate a total of 10 points on each difficulty to get all rewards! - You can check the list of under-par rewards by pressing the 'reward' icon on each difficulty.

※ Only users who have reached Tier 3 in World Tour Mode can participate in Championship Mode (higher difficulty holes are unlocked by reaching Tier 8 and 12).

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